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Why Samruddhi College?

Tests and Examinations

Periodic tests and examinations conducted by the college instill in the students the habit of study and function as feedback mechanism.

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Individual counseling offered by the college helps the students understand themselves better, work through any difficulties and manage their situation successfully.


Science Laboratories

The labs at Samruddhi PU College are found best among anywhere and completely geared up to handle all requirements of the science programs. Laboratories has provided state of the art labs fully equipped with tools to ensure students have an exceptional educational and rewarding science laboratory experience. Open, flexible, spaces in these labs promote collaborations across disciplines and promise creative learning opportunities.



We have adopted a balance in the expected behavior and attitude of the students to nurture their emotions and faster their creativity. Student discipline is integral to develop and maintain a conductive learning environment.

The institution is expecting exemplary behavior where the students observe a proper standard of conduct, showing such respect for order, mortality, personal honor and the rights of others as expected as a good citizen.

Cultural Acivities

The college encourages cultural and extra curricular activities for all round personalities development. The creative and innovative ability of the students would be identified through multiple activities.

Sports inculcate values of discipline, responsibilities, sacrifice, cooperation and accountability. We encourage the students to be fit and participate actively in sports. We offer professional sports and games training at the college.

Sports & Games


We offer merit based scholarships to the deserving students by recognized their academic excellence. Need based scholarships is also awarded.